1. What is Signal Trader?

Signal Trader was established in order to provide the best possible automated mirror trading solution, bridging the gap between people with an interest in trading and market experts.

Signal Trader offers users an innovative solution for automated trading across the full range of financial instruments, enabling users to fully automate their trading by mirroring the trades of expert traders who trade with their real trading accounts.

2. Is Signal Trader a broker?

Signal Trader is not a broker. Signal Trader provides a technological solution for automated mirror trading. In order to use our automated trading solution you need to establish a trading account with one of our broker partners.

3. Can I trade manually?

Yes. You can open new positions manually as well as close/modify any of the providers’ positions at any time with  MT4 terminal.

4. How do I get started?

Click here to open a Signal Trader demo account for 30 days and practice using the Signal Trader auto-execution system. Once you are satisfied you may upgrade to a live account and begin trading.

5. How much is the fee for using the automated trading system?

No set-up fees or monthly charges apply for using Signal Trader’s automated trading solution.

6. What are Signal Trader’s live trading systems?

Signal Trader’s live trading systems are a real-time reflection of the real trading accounts of proprietary traders who trade with their real money. Users can view real-time positions of the trading systems as well as detailed reports and enhanced analysis and stats. You can fully automate your trading in your account by mirroring these trading systems.

7. Why should I join?

Participating in live trading rooms is the best way to tap into the expertise of professional traders and gain a key understanding of their trading techniques, since you see both the entries and exits as they are executed. By watching experts capitalize on opportunities and dodge pitfalls as they trade, you can see how professionals cope with market developments and our real-time email service alerts you to their every move.

8. Who are these Signal Providers?

The Signal Providers, whose account data is displayed in Signal Trader trading rooms, are experienced prop traders with many years of proven results. These experts were carefully chosen after an evaluation process by Signal Trader’s team.

9. Do the Signal Trader’s trading systems trade on live or demo accounts?

Completely live. Real trades are executed in the experts’ trading accounts, which are visible in real-time to all active users. Through cutting-edge technology, Signal Trader enables you to essentially “look over the shoulder” of experts as they trade the markets in a methodical and disciplined way. After observing the prop traders in action, you can automate your trading based on their trades.

10. Can I automate my trading based on the experts’ trades?

Yes. You can automate your trading based on the Signal Providers’ trades. Should you choose to do so, their signals will be automatically executed in your trading account, without any further intervention by you. In order to enable the auto executions system, you should open a live trading account Here.

11. How much is it to join?

Opening a Signal Trader Live Account is free of charge. The minimum initial deposit to some broker’s live account is 2,000 – 5,000 USD or other currency equivalent.

All live accounts receive the signal email alerts service package for free.

12. How does Signal Trader earn money?

Signal Trader, as a referring broker, receives an IB fee from the brokers over the activity of its referred accounts.
Signal Trader pays a success fee to the signal providers only over profitable trades they execute. The Signal providers receive no fee over losing trades.

13. Is there a demo account available?

Yes, you can sign up for a 30-day free Demo Account here. A Demo Account helps you get familiar with our automated trading solution. You also receive access to our experts’ live trading accounts, as well as e-mail notifications on closed positions.

Live accounts receive e-mail notifications for both open and closed positions.

14. Are the accounts real?

All trades are being executed in live trading accounts, with real money and are displayed in the trading rooms in real time. Real Money, Real Accounts, Real Time.