How to Sign Up

This page will guide you through Signal trader’s sign up process.

1. Register with Signal Trader, click here

It’s easy to register, simply fill in the details and select a broker to get started.



2. Setup a new brokerage Account

Open A live Meta Trader 4 trading account with one of brokers listed bellow by clicking on the broker logo of your choice. Minimum deposit is $5,000.



3. Link your new brokerage account with Signal Trader

In order to begin using Signal Trader’s auto execution system, connect your brokerage account to Signal Trader by entering your username and password. Once the account is activated, you can set up your automated trading preferences. Remember that you can only connect accounts which were opened through Signal Trader.



4. Set up your auto Execution Settings

You can either mirror the trading of your selected trading room account, by setting your prefferd risk ratio or you can select fixed trade sizes, and set the exact trade size for each instrument.



Once you’ve defined your desired parameters and level of risk, trades based on the Traders signals will be automatically executed in your Signal Trader account, without any further intervention by you.


open an account